The Long Island Sound is a national treasure. It’s also an invaluable one that cannot be recreated.

© photo by Marian Conway


The Long Island Sound Funders Collaborative hopes to help sustain a Sound full of clean waters, healthy watersheds, thriving habitats and abundant wildlife.

© photo by Marian Conway


As a group, LISFC is dedicated to applying what leverage we have to preserve this invaluable resource for generations to come.


Millions of people visit Long Island Sound each year to swim, boat, and enjoy the view, enriching their own lives and stimulating the local economy.

© photo by Jeff Yates

Long Island Sound Funders Collaborative

We’re a group of funders with missions that include protecting and restoring the Long Island Sound. For some of us, it’s a large part of our work. For others, it’s just one of many programs or initiatives. But we all see the benefits of networking, collaborating, and keeping up on the latest issues facing the Sound. These problems are larger than any one individual, non-profit, agency or foundation can solve alone. We have to work together. Inspired by the collaboration of our many grantees, we want to have a bigger impact by pooling our knowledge, expertise, relationships, and funding.