The LISFC: Leading the way to alignment

We have been engaged in both aligned and pooled funding almost 10 years.

Early in our history we engaged in smaller aligned funding projects. Building on our success, we developed a pooled funding initiative to expand and leverage our grant-making.

Today we are leaders in both aligned and pooled funding, and helping funders to reach new levels of philanthropic impact.

Maximize your philanthropic impact

We understand that every funder has restrictions on where and how they can fund.

This is why we are always exploring options in how foundations and individuals can partner with us.

There are no fees, dues, or minimum funding requirements to join the LISFC. The only commitment we expect is a sincere desire to increase the impact of our resources. That means doing the work necessary to turn new learning, networks, and relationships into action.

Take the initiative

We meet quarterly to discuss issues, develop projects, and share new information about the Sound. The meetings are informative, productive, and fun. We encourage you to attend one of our meetings to see if the group is a good fit for you.

If you’d like more information, please contact:
Tripp Killin
, Executive Director of the Jeniam Foundation
Phone: (203) 304-1762